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Introducing Split King Sheets: But what are they

Introducing Split King Sheets: But what are they

We’re super excited to now be able to offer split king sheet sets, but supplies are limited! Like REALLY limited (as in, only 1-2 of select colours)!

We have recently started carrying “Split King” bedsheets which are only available in in our Poppyseed, Crème Brûlée, Cotton Candy, Vanilla Frosting & Silver Sprinkles colours. Unfortunately, since split kings are a specialty item, supplies are extremely limited, so make sure to go and order right away! But don’t worry, if you head over to our website and realize that you’ve missed out this time, more should be here in a couple of weeks!

Although we are expecting more to hit our warehouse soon, there will still only be a limited supply, so make sure to join our mailing list to be the first to know!


Now, for those of you still wondering “What exactly is a Split King Sheet?” Keep reading and find out!

A “Split King” or “Dual Mattress” is a specialty size of bed, being the same dimensions of a king bed, but the mattress is split vertically down the bed. This is specific to adjustable beds, where each side can move up and down independent of the other.

Split King sheet sets include two fitted twin XL sheets, one king sized flat sheet and two king pillowcases.

Split king beds are an excellent choice for couples who need to be able to adjust their bed without bothering their partner (for example, if one person has mobility issues and needs to be in a sitting position to get in and out of bed).

So if you, or someone you know own a split bed and have been dying for some Sweet Sheets® head over to the shop page asap and place your order before they’re gone!

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