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Last Minute Sweet Sheets® DIY Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Sweet Sheets® DIY Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween!

Are you one of those people that plans out their halloween costume months in advance and your entire family dresses to suit? Or… like me, are you a “Oh no… it’s Halloween and I just got invited out and now I need to find a costume” kinda person?

Well Halloween Bestie, don’t you worry! Sweet Sheets® has got you covered! (literally and figuratively!) Read on to see our fave DIY halloween costumes for both young and old using none other than our very own Sweet Sheets®!

Check out our top 10 Super Easy Bedsheet Halloween Costumes!

Traditional Ghost

  1. Of course, you’ve got everyone’s last minute go-to; pop a vanilla frosting flat sheet over your head and you’re a Ghost! (Of course, if you’re going to cut out eye holes, make sure you’re using an old set of sheets!)

    Greek Goddess
  2. Another classic look is the Greek Goddess (or God). And we know you’ve always wanted to go to a toga party!

  3. Old bedsheets can be torn into strips to make a super quick and easy mummy costume. Add some white face paint and dark eyes and you’re good to go!

    Princess Leia
  4.  Princess Leia is always a fave and this “No-Sew DIY Princess Leia Costume For Kids” from blogger Carrie Lindsey (carrieelle.com) will get you ready for trick-or-treating in no time!

  5. While we’re talking about Star Wars, this simple DIY Rey Costume from Brit + Co is a great way to use up an old crème brûlée sheet set and look fierce doing so! Really, you could use sheets to turn yourself into any Jedi, not just Rey, grab a black sheet, drape it just right and boom. You’re Kylo Ren!

    Statue Of Libertu
  6. This DIY Statue Of Liberty Costume was made by blogger Lauren, of “Someone Like You” and would look great using our Mint Meringue Flat Sheet! We also love how Lauren used a real flashlight in her torch! Functional & Practical!

    Little Red Riding Hood
  7. Little Red Riding Hood -using a flat red velvet sheet, you can easily follow this video DIY to make Red’s infamous hooded cape. Pair it with a skirt and blouse or black leggings and boots for an edgier version and you’ll be over the river and through the woods and at grandmother’s house in no time! (I mean, she does give the best treats doesn’t she?)

    Angel Costume
  8. This super easy no-sew Angel costume is another quick way to get out the door and into some candy! Pinner Kristy Stinnette gives instructions on how she whipped up this quick and easy costume for her daughter.

  9. We already have Greek Gods & Goddesses so why not throw in a Norse God as well? This DIY Thor Costume would be super easy to put together using one of our red velvet flat sheets for the cape!

  10. A black dress, black boots, some horns and a staff… throw on a black cape made from our black licorice sheets and Maleficent is ready to terrorize all who dare cross her!

  11. We know we said 10 costumes, but this little guy is just way too cute not to include. Depending on the size of your Dobby, a pillow case could possibly suffice! This Dobby costume was found on the blog www.randomtuesdays.com

So there you have it, 11 super simple last minute costumes all using bed sheets! So, what are you dressing up as this Halloween?!

Oh, and if in your halloween hurry, you do end up cutting through your sheets and find yourself in need of new ones, don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered!

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