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School Is In Full Swing, Now To Do That Fundraiser Thing!

School Is In Full Swing, Now To Do That Fundraiser Thing!

Is your organization thinking of doing a fall fundraiser? Well it’s not too late to partner with Sweet Sheets®!

Sweet Sheets® has a lot to offer when it comes to fundraisers, the first being your very own personalized fundraiser website. Shortly after you register your Sweet Sheets® Fundraiser, a custom website is prepared for your organization.

This website includes:

  1. An optional goal meter to track your progrss. This shows your supporters how close you are to reaching your fundraising goals.
  2. A personalized header with your organization logo/image. This brands your fundraiser site so that supporters know right away that they are supporting your organization.
  3. An about section for your specific fundraiser. This will include an image and information about what you are raising money for and why. You can choose to be as descriptive as you’d like. There’s no limit to what you can put here.
  4. An about page for Sweet Sheets®. This page helps to introduce your supporters to our product and our company, it also includes our most frequently asked questions.
  5. Contact information for both your fundraiser & Sweet Sheets®. This page includes your organization’s logo and fundraiser contact information as well as the Sweet Sheets® logo & contact information. Occasionally people have specific questions about the fundraiser or products and want to talk to someone, so we make sure to include any information they may need to do so.
  6. Shipping & warranty information. This page explains our shipping policy, times and pricing as well as Sweet Sheets® warranty information.
  7. An optional student code area to keep track of orders by participant. Some organizations like to recognize/reward top sales so we’ve made sure that we can accommodate that. All you have to do is assign each participant with their own unique code and have them share that with all their contacts. Once a supporter checks out, all they need to do is enter the participant’s code and their order will be linked to that participant. Orders are then able to be sorted by code to see who’s performed the best.
  8. Secure shopping experience. The Sweet Sheets® website is secure and no credit card information is stored on our servers so your customers can feel comfortable & confident while supporting your fundraiser.
  9. Your Own Back Office. You will have access to a fundraiser back office where you can edit your site information, see customers, orders, stats and download reports. All of this information helps ensure that you always know exactly what's happening with your fundraiser!


As you can see, partnering with Sweet Sheets® for your next fundraiser has a lot of perks! Having your very own mini-site makes it literally as easy as a click of a button to share your fundraiser on social media, and since Sweet Sheets® provides the option to ship directly to customers, there are virtually no boundaries to where your support can come from (Within Canada & The USA).

Sweet Sheets® also offers downloadable order forms if your participants prefer to collect orders and payment manually and all organizations have the option to request fabric samples as well.

So if you’d like more information or to get started fundraising with Sweet Sheets® today, head over to our fundraiser registration page!

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