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Sweet Sheets® Inc. Terms & Agreement

I agree to represent Sweet Sheets® to the best of my ability, and to deliver or arrange pick up for the orders received by organization. I understand that compensation will only be paid out for my fundraiser if we reach a minimum of $1000 in sales. I understand that product will not be shipped until payment has been received and cleared by Sweet Sheets®. I understand that shipments may take 1-3 weeks to arrive to my organization upon close of the fundraiser. I understand that orders that are shipped directly to the customer will be shipped by Sweet Sheets® when the order is received. I understand that the organization I represent will receive a cheque for 20% of all sales before any and all applicable taxes and shipping at the completion of the fundraiser. By checking the box, you are agreeing to all terms stated in this agreement, and therefore are stating that you understand this is to act as a binding contract between your organization and Sweet Sheets® Inc.

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